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It's a short track, but I enjoyed it. As a bodhran player and Celtic music afficionado, I heartily approve of this. <3

SilverPoyozo responds:

I love Celtic music as well, but only recently I've got the VSTs to actually pull it off.

Well, I'm glad you liked it!

The song itself featured some very solid ideas, but I agree with xToxicReaper below me; at 1:00 there was a very abrupt tempo change and an even more abrupt change of feel.

What would've been nice is this: Keep the entire piece at the same tempo throughout (if it's 120 BPM, keep it at 120 BPM). For that transition in the middle, I can tell the melody and chords could be built up on far better. So, picture it this way:

Section A: Buildup from drums to the minimal sounds/breakdown
Section B (1-minute mark): Still maintaining the same tempo, but introducing that melody which we all heard there.
Section C: With more buildup and a little bit more instrumentation, continue the melody from Section B, and then RESOLVE IT.
Section D: Breakdown from there. Start by taking off the piano, then the synths, until what we have is similar to the ending of this piece.

That way, the piece won't sound like there's a break in the continuity somewhere.

The sounds themselves are alright, and I haven't any complaints about the mixing -- partly because it sounds balanced on my headphones and partly because I have much more to learn on mixing myself.


Airprogressive responds:

thank you 4 your review & tips!

It does indeed sound better, but please refer to my previous review on 3volv3 about song length, buildup etc.

Keep up the great work nonetheless, this sounds heavenly.

That, my friend, is a perfect example of rubato used well. It's not everyday that I hear an expressive cover of Dearly Beloved. Keep up the good work.

Aikata responds:

Thank you so much!

The main reason I'm able to be so expressive on this one is because this is the first song I took upon myself to learn 7 years ago. The notes and movements have been engraved in my head after so many years, so all I have to focus on is expression.

Thank you for another good review, TNE. :D

As a Kingdom Hearts fan and a pianist, I heartily approve of this cover. Well played.

My only pickle with this would be: Add a little bit of rubato where the theme takes a slight pause. It'll give more body, more expression to this piece. Not that this piece doesn't have expression already, but it'll add more oomph to what is already there.

Also, it's not that NG isn't big on piano covers because I know of a few people who do make piano covers (I did upload a live piano work on NG some time back and it was fairly well received). But I would love to hear... not a standard take on Namine's theme, but *your* take on Namine's theme. Can you vary it, for example? Can you make that cover *your own*? Covers are accepted on places like OCRemix on the grounds that the people making those covers put their own spin on video game themes. And judging from how well you played, I believe you can too.

Aikata responds:

Wow, I really appreciate your critique, and from a fellow pianist no less!

I can you see what you mean about "owning" the cover of a piece. From a music education standpoint, I've always been taught to express the ideas written on the paper and not anything else (except in jazz. That's anything BUT what's on paper!) I guess I should delve into having a bit more freedom here on the NG Audio Portal.

Thank you very much for the review, TNE. :D

This song is well mixed, and the synths sound just heavenly going with the rest of the song. I'm really enjoying what I hear so far.

However, this sounds more like an introductory buildup to something far longer. Already when listening to this I could imagine a piece as long as, say, 7 minutes, chord variations, breakdowns, more building up, perhaps a counter-melody or two. You know, something that would keep listeners in the proverbial loop.

Please, if you can, build up on this song, and take into account the various things you can do with it -- I can already picture a final result in my head, perhaps you can surprise me.

This is the kind of the glitch I like -- this is the larger genre's equivalent of progressive/acid rock. The piece has a bit of a court jester-like feel about it, which I enjoy right off the bat. The music and mixing in and of itself is outstanding: the sub-melodies blend well with each other. The 4/4 to 6/8 to 3/4 transition gives it a bit more of an exotic feel.

The only part which doesn't sit too well with me musically is the ending (4:32 onwards). While I know endings are meant to be anticlimactic, this seemed to be a very abrupt resolution from what you had going on with the song immediately before that. Also, the lyrics, while sung well (I love your voice!), seem to be bits and pieces of themes strung together, that I get lost and puzzled reading them...

If everything were strung together seamlessly, 1) you'd have a piece to shatter everyone else's, 2) you'd have a spectacular, sung character theme which a lot of people could identify with so much -- and I can see this song going in that vein.


Recording quality aside, I can tell that you had put your all into this piece. It starts by evoking this feeling of being in an open, wide field of flowers with heavy pouring rain, and you allow yourself to be drenched in the rain because you don't want your tears to be seen.

Then as the piece builds up tension, I get the impression that the person in the open field gets flashes of whatever could've been -- time spent with a loved one who is gone, fragments of a broken dream. I can't tell what, but those would have otherwise been sweet thoughts. He/she goes back to mourning and wondering.

Then towards the end (I find it seems unresolved, because of that abrupt cut......), it seems as if someone is ominously approaching the person in the field.

At any rate, I did enjoy the piece. Being classically trained, I do love things like these. If you manage to record a higher quality version of this, I will most certainly look forward to it.


Having been classically trained, I love that style of writing. Very Rachmaninov-ish, if I do say so myself. I find that this music would be much better illustrated in an animation for a lot of people.

You've brought the feelings out quite well, and it kinda pains me that a lot of people were looking for pomp and circumstance. A bit of evident dynamic variation a la early Beethoven could help get the message across to our audiences.

4/5. Favouriting.

FooRight responds:

You and me, we're on the same page ;)

Rachmaninoff is a very influential figure in both what I play, and who I look to for composition "advice." It's funny you mention the animation aspect. It's funny because the story I created within the music was envisioned as specific imagery in my head while composing. So creating a specific animation to follow this music would be best suited IF I wanted to illustrate the story more clearly to those who don't otherwise see it. (I don't want to for a few reasons, like being specific about the sex of the character for example).

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I agree, a little more expansion in the variety of dynamics would be helpful (late mozart/early beethoven).

I love just how this turned out. Initially I thought I wasn't going to be impressed with the repetition of the Em - C - B chords, and then you just blew me away with the section that came after that, which would sound beautiful with other forms of instrumentation too.

Great work!


Genclops responds:

Thankyou for the the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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